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WebAPIs - IndexedDB on Web Browser with Java

This story isn’t about Java Applet or Java WebStart, this story is a pure JavaScript story presented by Mrs. Gwitany and Dr. Jackl, generally known as GWT and J2CL. Enjoy this article
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Learn Once Use Everywhere: Using JavaScript APIs in Java for Web Browser

Last time we saw how we can reuse our Java code in JavaScript from my article “Web Browser Programming in Java”. Today we’ll take a look on how we could call the JavaScript APIs, web apps and frameworks from our Java code and at the end to transpile them back to JavaScript so that it will be runnable on the web browser. My new article about GWT / J2CL Transpile - Java and JavaScript: Roundtrip Java to JavaScript and go back to Java: Enjoy!

FrOSCon 2019: “Are you still using or already producing OSS?”

I had a presentation @FrOSCon 2019 wih the title Open Source: Nimmst du noch oder Gibst du schon? The conference was very interesting and this was my first time at the conference. You have a free entrance on Saturday and Sunday and there are a lot of super interesting state-of-the-art topics.

I published my slides here: and FrOSCon published my talk as video right here:


Web Browser Programming in Java - Using GWT and JsInterop

So in the year of 2019 web development is entirely occupied by JavaScript or derivatives like TypeScript? Well, not entirely… One small village of indomitable Open Source Java developers still holds out against the invaders with the help of Java to JavaScript transpiler GWT ( and J2CL (
Here is my article about Java to JavaScript transpiler for beginners
Enjoy, Lofi

The Most Precious Thing — The Time of Your Life

I just published a story "The Most Precious Thing — The Time of Your Life". I realize that we can change things by investing time instead of money. Here is the story:

Enjoy, Lofi