Thursday, August 17, 2006

Jorn Bettin has written this comment on the "Standardisation of Model Driven Approach":

Also, beyond the realm of MDA, in relation to model driven approaches and the use of domain-specific languages in general, there is the question of when and to what degree will standardisation occur. Usually the more domain-specific a language can be made, the more value it adds. Yet, the closer a domain-specific language gets to capturing part of the competitive edge of an organisation, the less incentive for industry wide "standardisation".

From my point of view standardisation will only happen if we could get a direct positive impact from it. So, this is actually very pragmatic. A very good example is the use of AndroMDA. I could imagine that there are a lot of organisations out there - which are all the user of AndroMDA - which have standardised their "DSL" based on AndroMDA DSL elements like Entity, Service, tagged values, etc. Why? Because you get directly benefits from it. You can generate your codes easily when you use AndroMDA DSL.

So, just a specification will not help to standardise anything (or at least it will take very long = OMG). I always take the example of JCP (Java Community Process). You need 3 components to be able to standardise APIs:
- Specification
- Reference Implementation
- Test Compatibility Kit

... and this is not the case with OMG. No reference implementation, no test compatibility kit. IMO, Open Source project like AndroMDA could bring the standardisation a step further. Just like succesful Open Source projects Hibernate, Spring, Struts, etc. which are de-facto standard and not de-jure standard.

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