Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Bonner-Runde 26th. of February 2007 in Bonn

It was an interesting night in a round table presentation and discussion in Bonn, known as "Bonner Runde" which is managed by itemis GmbH. At this time, we - Wolfgang, Andreas and I - showed an introductory topic in AJAX:

AJAX - Grundlagen und Implementierungsansätze
"AJAX - Basics and Implementation Approaches"

We showed three different approaches of AJAX:
  • Using AJAX-enabled JSF components (ICEfaces) with Sun Java Studio Creator
  • Using hardcore JavaScript
  • Using XML11 - Cross Compilation from Java to JavaScript
At the same time we also explained classification criteria and characteristics for AJAX implementation approaches.

For more information please download the presentation files:
(1) AJAX - Grundlagen und Implementierungsansätze

(2) XML11 - AJAX without JavaScript

Have fun!

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