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Open Data Initiative and Mashup

Just finishing playing with Open Data Initiative Berlin and Google Maps... Mashup with GWT using the newest Google Maps GWT (gwt-maps 3.8.0-pre1)... Very nice! All in all I used following technologies:
  • Java (what else?)
  • Maven 3
  • GWT (Google Web Toolkit) with gwt-maps 3.8.0-pre1 for Google Maps V3
  • GAE (Google App Engine)
Within this mashup I combined the Open Data from Berlin: 
  1. Total population 2011 per area (Berlin Mitte, Berlin Spandau, etc.)
  2. Result of Election 2011 per area
... and put them into Google Maps. You can find all the links in my WebApp:

I found out following things as I implemented the WebApp:
  • Open Data Berlin needs to take care of their Open Data API. For the total population I need to get the Zip file, uncompress it and read the CSV file inside it, using Common Compress and OpenCSV Java Open Source library. For the result of election I have to work with Excel file using JExcel, also Open Source library. Amazing to see how complicated they did it! Please just use XML and JSON as the data format and define a usable REST API for this!
  • Open Data Initiative itself does not make any sense for many of us. We need applications (WebApp and MobileApp) on the top! And this is where mashup helps a lot.
Check this out (in German language):


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