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Reuse or Rewrite AndroMDA Cartridges?

Someone asked me what is the best way to work with AndroMDA in case that the architecture (structure, naming, process, etc.) is different than the AndroMDA's one. Reuse all the cartridges as far as possible and extend them or rewrite them from scratch? My opinions are as follow: Think of a framework everytime you use AndroMDA . This includes the cartridges AndroMDA offers. When you are using frameworks you mostly don't want to rewrite them. You want to reuse and extend them. So, reuse and extend already available AndroMDA cartridges is the way to go. If your team is only a small team never think of building your own architecture , thus you don't need to rewrite the cartridges . By building your own architecture ( e.g. using your own directory structure , using your own naming convention , etc.) you mostly need to write your own cartridges which is costly . Remember that the developers of AndroMDA and AndroMDA cartridges are not beginners . They had many though