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HOW-TO: OEPE - FastSwap with Maven2 and M2Eclipse Plugin

At the moment there is not enough information if you want to jump start with OEPE (and of course using FastSwap) and Maven2 (using M2Eclipse plugin). This HOW-TO shows you how to achieve this. You need to have Eclipse (3.4 or 3.5), WLS (10.3 or 11) OEPE, Maven2 and M2Eclipse installed correctly before you can follow the steps below: 1. Create a web application with the webapp wizard (dynamic web project). Choose a webapp based on WLS (10.3 in my case). Please change following settings afterwards to be Maven complianced: Source for web: src/main/webapp Source for Java: src/main/java 2. Turn on Maven project on the project above ("mavenized the project") with M2Eclipse. 3. After you mavenized the project you can delete the directory build/classes since Maven uses target/classes directory. Everything should be customized to Maven directory structure automatically. 4. You can add src/test/java - if you need it src/test/resources - and also src/main/resources