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Microservice - Architectural Patterns

I have to introduce Microservice with all its architectural patterns to my team and at the end I could say, you will find very valuable information on Internet! There are a lot of very good sources for this topic on Internet, amazing. My problem is only following: I still cannot find all those good articles and blogs in one place. So here is the result of my short research to create my presentation about " Microservice - Architectural Patterns " in German language. Following sources have great values on this topic: General introduction to Microservices:  and  and Architectural Patterns for Microservices: Domain Driven Design: Very good explanation for communication possibilities in Microservices:

Experiences with Microservices

I had a chance to talk about my litte experience of implementing and doing the operation of microservice-based application. Here are my slides in German language: Enterprise-Application-Customization mit Microservices - Ein Erfahrungsbericht Enjoy!