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Bye bye SMTP - Welcome Wave Protocol

It's very interesting to see that Google has developed a new protocol for e-mail, yes SMTP is just too old and boring, Wave protocol will come soon - at least we already have one provider who will implement this new protocol, I call it as a "reference provider", yes, it's Google Wave :-)

Okay before I begin with this story, one thing we need to know:

"Wave is just a protocol (, a specification, just like SMTP, HTTP, HTML, TCP/IP, OpenID, OAuth, OpenSocial, etc. This means that everyone can implement this protocol to build some new products based on it".

"Google Wave ( is an implementation of the Wave protocol". A Google product which supports Wave protocol. I also call Google Wave as a reference implementation and reference provider of the Wave protocol.

If you want to understand the terminology in Wave protocol, please check out this article: Google Wave: A Complete Guide.

OK, with those in…