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Smart Home Sweet Home with Gigaset Elements?

Introduction Last week I had a chance to try the Smart Home solution from Gigaset Elements . I read some articles about this product which said how easy to install this product for dummy users. Those articles woke my interest and I began to google products for Smart Home solutions. In this article (German language) you will find a nice overview about  some products for Smart Home , which can be bought in Germany. The Nest product from Google is still not available in Germany. Although it seems that RWE will offer Nest products in Germany  in couple of months. The installation of Gigaset Elements was really easy. The problem I encountered was to add the siren   sensor. I had to push hard the button on the siren sensor at the same time with the button on the base , so that they can communicate with each other. After about one hour I managed to install everything properly. Points to mention Generally the idea is very nice. Gigaset Elements try to push KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid