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Automatically Generating MagicDraw Report

Someone asked me how to generate MagicDraw HTML report from a certain UML model automatically. This feature is actually quite practical since if you are working in a group of business analysts, architects, developers, quality assurance personnel and operators, you mostly don't want to tell them to use MagicDraw to open the MDZip file. In this case you have two choices available: Export the diagrams as pictures (JPG or PNG) and put them somewhere like in your company Wiki. This can be done easily but you lose the structure of your model and you need to copy the structure in your Wiki which kind of unpractical. Export the whole MDZip file as a HTML (dynamic) report, which can be browsed nicely afterwards. MagicDraw gives you an example how to do this from Maven, so you can generate the report automatically. So here are the steps: Create a Maven plugin project to run MagicDraw: You need to build a Maven Plugin project which should be used later in your main project. Copy the ex

Why Should We Dump Java EE Standard?

Prologue I never thought that I have to write about this topic again, but I have to since a couple months ago I have to justify a decision of using Spring Framework in an enterprise environment. The decision to be made was whether we are going for Java EE or using Spring Framework . The constraint was very clear: We need to support both batch and web apps. For web apps we only can use an old OAS (Oracle Application Server) with Java EE 1.4. Commercial support has to be available for the framework and the runtime environment. We are going to update the app server for Java EE 6 or 7 soon, so it should be possible to have a smooth migration. We would like to minimize the use of our home grown frameworks. Still there was such a quarrel in the team because there are already some Java EE web apps run in OAS upgraded with JBoss Weld CDI 1.0. Normally JBoss Weld 1.0 won't run out of the box in OAS but with some patches we got it run. The problem with all those web apps is we had

Smart Home Sweet Home with Gigaset Elements?

Introduction Last week I had a chance to try the Smart Home solution from Gigaset Elements . I read some articles about this product which said how easy to install this product for dummy users. Those articles woke my interest and I began to google products for Smart Home solutions. In this article (German language) you will find a nice overview about  some products for Smart Home , which can be bought in Germany. The Nest product from Google is still not available in Germany. Although it seems that RWE will offer Nest products in Germany  in couple of months. The installation of Gigaset Elements was really easy. The problem I encountered was to add the siren   sensor. I had to push hard the button on the siren sensor at the same time with the button on the base , so that they can communicate with each other. After about one hour I managed to install everything properly. Points to mention Generally the idea is very nice. Gigaset Elements try to push KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid

Nobody can save Microsoft Mobile and Tablet Devices, also not Sundar Pichai

As we heard from the news , it seems that Sundar Pichai is a hot candidate for Microsoft CEO . In my opinion it does not play any role who will become Microsoft CEO, nobody can save Microsoft with all those Windows mobile technologies . Why? Windows Phones or tablets with its operating system is not a bad thing but who needs another mobile or tablet devices? We have enough offering from Apple with iOS and Android offering. I know that in the beginning everybody says "who needs another browser". At the end Google Chrome is very successful thanks to Sundar Pichai. One thing makes here a big difference: Google Chrome is an Open Source product. If Sundar can build Open Source Windows operating system, then we will see a different story. Open Source and Microsoft is just a tough story , although they offer CodePlex for hosting Open Source projects. But wait a second: Microsoft Xbox is very successful hitting Sony Playstation and Nintendo? Yes, this is just analog to Google Ch

New Article at Developer: (Bi)Temporal Data Management in Java with Open Source Frameworks

If you ever need to handle (bi)temporal data in your Java app, check out my new article (in German language) at about: (Bi)Temporal Data, Implementation in Java with Open Source Frameworks: Actually you always need to handle this topic in your Java business apps, a must read. All the examples can be found at Github: Have fun!