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Showing posts from June, 2009

Bug in Chrome 2.0.x.x: Weblogic Console 10.3.x.x

If you are working with Oracle Weblogic console 10.3.x.x and you are using Chrome 2.0.x.x you won't be able to see the "advanced tabs" on the bottom of every pages of the console. In some pages of the Weblogic console you can see at the bottom an "advanced tab" which can be opened by clicking on it. The tab will open smoothly in Firefox. Only in Chrome you won't see this tab, as if it were not existing at all. Just take a look at the two screenshots below (comparison between Firefox and Chrome 2.0.x.x for the same page). Chrome 2.0.x.x - no "Advanced" tab: Firefox 3 - with "Advanced" tab: So be careful and use Firefox for Oracle Weblogic 10.3.x.x console... Cheers!

Use Case Points (UCP) Method

Here are some interesting articles about UCP method: Software cost estimation using use case points: Getting use case transactions straight Dear Dr. Use Case: What About Function Points and Use Cases? Project Estimation with Use Case Points Use Case Points - An Estimation Approach Aufwandschätzung mit UseCasePoints (German) and... if you are a user of AndroMDA and MDA/MDSD in general don't forget to use the UCP cartridge from EJOSA . Have fun!

Google Wave and Open Wave Protocol

It's very interesting to see that Google tries to build a new email system: Open Wave Protocol . They could be successful since email protocol is just too old. Just take a look for example how people in Germany try to extend email to become secure: Bürgerportale . They try to stick to the old protocol and extend it with many extensions. Oh my dear...