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One Day in your Life... with UML2, oAW, Weblogic FastSwap, Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse, Maven2 and SpringFramework...

In my new project - as usual in a software project - we have a very tight schedule. Using our old JEE application architecture (Oracle 10g, EJB 2.x, JFormular, Ant with Maven2 dependencies, full deployment EAR, WAR and EJB JAR on Weblogic 10.3 with Java6) would mean that we will have a long turn-around time (code, compile, deploy and test) for our development. Our build process with Ant does not support "naked" deployment", so it takes ages before the artefacts are built, jarred and can be deployed in Weblogic. In case that you only change one small thing in your web layer (JSP file, Java class) you will need to go through all those build steps. In combination that at that time I had an old development hardware (3 years old) you can imagine how horrible the situation was... So I was searching for a better solution. We need a fast turn around time, especially in our web layer because I'm not an expert in JFormular and I definitely need to "try and error".