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Enterprise Applications Customization with Microservice

Introduction Today in highly paced enterprise environment you, as the leader of enterprise IT division, need to be fast. Simplicity is the key for the speed . What are the key factors to simplify your IT? Three different areas are very important to take care of: Technology , Organisation and Environment ( TOE Framework : ). Here are some detail points for technology and organisation : 1. Technology: in most enterprises there are already one or more ERP and CRM solutions the so called Enterprise Applications . We need to manage them carefully as they support the business processes. In context of the core compentencies most enterprises customize the enterprise applications to fit their needs. We need to manage the customizations in detail as they represent the core competencies and at the same time the differentiation of our enterprise to other competitors. 2. Organisation: working in a small team with different roles and functions is already

Platform as a Service: What Should We Choose?

Today if you want to deploy your webapp or webservice you first think to do this in the cloud by using PaaS (Platform as a Service). The problem is you have many alternatives in this area: - Microsoft Azure: - Google AppEngine: - Amazon AWS (Elastic Beanstalk): - Heroku (from salesforce): - OpenShift (RedHat): - CloudFoundry (Pivotal): The problem: what PaaS should you choose? This presentation helps a bit: BTW.: if you want to run Docker, AWS Elastic Beanstalk is the easiest way to do:  It would be nice to hear your opinions! Cheers, Lofi