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Low Code and No Code Platform == NOT with VISUAL Everything

It's interesting to read this article: The Evolution of Low-Code: Welcome to the Machine . The content is in my opinion just a marketing for Low Code Platform. It is not true to say that the RAD tools are not successful. There are a lot of good RAD tools available from 1992 until today e.g. Delphi (Borland and now Embarcadero). No tons of generated code, very precise and works very good. Using visual coding thing does not mean to have higher abstraction layer. And programming visual for logic like “if-then-else” with “flow chart” or BPMN or UML or other visual tools won’t scale. Therefore we still write textual today and not drawing everything to communicate. Drawing is ancient, exists before you can write and read. Visual and textual representation have their own role today in software. Letting non-developers clicking visual programming tool means ‘horror” for the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of your app. Application development cost is always TCO and not only the first co