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Why Should We Dump Java EE Standard?

Prologue I never thought that I have to write about this topic again, but I have to since a couple months ago I have to justify a decision of using Spring Framework in an enterprise environment. The decision to be made was whether we are going for Java EE or using Spring Framework . The constraint was very clear: We need to support both batch and web apps. For web apps we only can use an old OAS (Oracle Application Server) with Java EE 1.4. Commercial support has to be available for the framework and the runtime environment. We are going to update the app server for Java EE 6 or 7 soon, so it should be possible to have a smooth migration. We would like to minimize the use of our home grown frameworks. Still there was such a quarrel in the team because there are already some Java EE web apps run in OAS upgraded with JBoss Weld CDI 1.0. Normally JBoss Weld 1.0 won't run out of the box in OAS but with some patches we got it run. The problem with all those web apps is we had