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Model Driven Software Development with UML - Back to the Root (or how KissMDA saves our Agile Development with Java...)

After working since 2004 with MDA (Model Driven Architecture) / MDSD (Model Driven Software Development) technologies like AndroMDA, oAW, etc. always in context of Java technology and UML (Unified Modelling Language) I feel like that we need just another MDA tool. Why? Past  The first experience with AndroMDA in the year of 2004 was great! At the end you don't need to code those boiler plate codes in EJB 2.x. AndroMDA generates everything for you. You also have the documentation of your application always up to date. This is a very important thing, since if you have more than one hundred entities you definitely need that actual documentation to be able to extend the application. AndroMDA offers a lot of mature cartridges like EJB 2.x, SpringFramework, Struts, Hibernate, JSF. The idea with cartridges is just gorgeous. IMHO it is possible to have a general application architecture for most business applications. So if you are using SpringFramework and Hibernate you can reuse the