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Inside-Out and Outside-In Integration of Webapps: Services and Extensions

In terms of integrating your webapp with other webapps and another way around I see two different integration types: 1. Inside-Out Integration This is the standard way and almost every webapps available use this possibility. For other webapps to be able to use some functionalities of your webapp you often offer Web services (mostly in RESTful manner) which can be called from outside or other webapps easily. In this area you offen need following strategies and standards: Webservice protocol: REST for allowing to define the functionalities you want to export to other webapps. OAuth (two and three legged) for allowing other webapps to calls your webapp services, authorization. Sometimes OpenID for allowing other webapps to use the same login, authentification. 2. Outside-In Integration This is still not commonly used in webapps development. In some desktop apps we know this as a concept of Extensions and/or P lugin s (I use these terms exchangeable). This integrati