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Bonner-Runde 26th. of February 2007 in Bonn

It was an interesting night in a round table presentation and discussion in Bonn, known as "Bonner Runde" which is managed by itemis GmbH. At this time, we - Wolfgang , Andreas and I - showed an introductory topic in AJAX: AJAX - Grundlagen und Implementierungsansätze "AJAX - Basics and Implementation Approaches" We showed three different approaches of AJAX: Using AJAX-enabled JSF components (ICEfaces) with Sun Java Studio Creator Using hardcore JavaScript Using XML11 - Cross Compilation from Java to JavaScript At the same time we also explained classification criteria and characteristics for AJAX implementation approaches. For more information please download the presentation files: (1) AJAX - Grundlagen und Implementierungsansätze (2) XML11 - AJAX without JavaScript Have fun! Lofi

MDA Book in German Language

My first book in German language about MDA (Model Driven Architecture) and VOFI (Visualization of Financial Implications) is now available: Anwendungsentwicklung mit Model Driven Architecture – dargestellt anhand vollständiger Finanzpläne This book is my doctor dissertation from the year 2006 and is now published within the series of Advances in Information Systems and Management Science from Logos Verlag Berlin . Cover of the book Contents of the book The good thing is that I will offer a free download for the PDF version - many thanks to Logos Verlag which makes this possible! So, if you can read German, you are welcome to download it ;-) For this purpose I'm searching some sponsors. As soon as I get some sponsors I'll put the PDF version somewhere in the internet. So, stay tuned! If you want to buy it, just order from Logos Verlag Berlin : ISBN 978-3-8325-1480-8 Or go directly to this order site: Order MDA VOFI Book from Logos Verlag Berlin Happy reading! Lof