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FrOSCon 2019: “Are you still using or already producing OSS?”

I had a presentation @FrOSCon 2019 wih the title Open Source: Nimmst du noch oder Gibst du schon?  The conference was very interesting and this was my first time at the conference. You have a free entrance on Saturday and Sunday and there are a lot of super interesting state-of-the-art topics. I published my slides here:  and FrOSCon published my talk as video right here: Enjoy, Lofi

Web Browser Programming in Java - Using GWT and JsInterop

So in the year of 2019 web development is entirely occupied by JavaScript or derivatives like TypeScript ? Well, not entirely… One small village of indomitable Open Source Java developers still holds out against the invaders with the help of Java to JavaScript transpiler GWT  ( ) and J2CL ( ) Here is my article about Java to JavaScript transpiler for beginners : Enjoy, Lofi

The Most Precious Thing — The Time of Your Life

I just published a story "The Most Precious Thing — The Time of Your Life". I realize that we can change things by investing time instead of money. Here is the story: Enjoy, Lofi