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CDI vs. Spring Framework Core

Another question I got in my Spring Framework training is: is it worthwhile to switch from Spring Framework 3.x to CDI with JBoss Weld or Apache OpenWebBeans implementation? After googling around I found some good articles and blogs about this topic. These two articles are the best in my opinion: Spring DI and CDI Comparative Study CDI 1.0 vs. Spring 3.1 feature comparsion: bean definition & dependency injection Luckily I had a chance to take a CDI course intensively for two days to be able to see what we actually could do with CDI. After doing two days intensive course of CDI I can sum up this topic as following: CDI takes a lot of good idea of Spring Framework , this is for sure. Anything you can do with CDI (I used JBoss Weld in the course I followed) is not new and you can have those stuffs in Spring Framework as well. In CDI 1.0 (JEE 6) there is still a lot of things which is not supported natively such as "scanning of classes and packages" to turn on