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Rancher 1.6 on Macbook

Introduction Installing Rancher 1.6 on your Macbook should be straight forward. In my case it was not as easy as I thought because of version compatibility between Docker and Rancher. Here are my steps, enjoy. Install Docker Toolbox in your Macbook First of all Rancher 1.6 does not support Docker for Mac , so instead you need Docker Toolbox for Mac . Check this page for differences between Docker for Mac and Docker Toolbox for Mac . One important point at the time you install Docker Toolbox for Mac: you need to get the correct version of the supported Docker. Rancher 1.6 supports some Docker versions. You can check the list on this support page . If you are trying for the first time please get the Community Edition (ce) of Docker. Here is a functional example: Docker Toolbox for Mac Version 17.06.0-ce. Download: Get the .pkg file for Macbook Be careful: Docker Toolbox always downloads the current Docker version