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MDSD/MDA Frameworks: AndroMDA Cartridges vs. Sculptor

It's quite amazing to see the same things happen again and again... Reinventing the wheel seems is the way in computer science to make things better ;-) 

To begin this blog with, which is a comment of the discussion in TSS about Sculptor: The idea of Sculptor is not new, also ArchitectureWare is not new... MDA/MDSD is not new as well...

Here are my opinions about Sculptor and AndoMDA and general about MDSD/MDA:

(1) I'm a very satisfied user of AndroMDA. AndroMDA is a very good framework for MDSD/MDA and is just comparable with ArchitectureWare. The latter is the framework in which Sculptor is written.

(2)Sculptor is comparable with AndroMDA Cartridges, which allow you to generate codes for its reference architecture. AndroMDA offers a lot of production-ready cartridges like:
Java (general purpose)EJB, Spring, jBPM (business layer)Struts, JSF (presentation layer)...And also for .NET! All these cartridges are already available since more than 3 years! So they are quite matur…

FTP Server in Java (and of course Open Source ;-))

Here are some interesting FTP servers written in Java and Open Source:
AnomicFTPServerColoradoFTPJavaSecureFTPdApache FTP ServerFTPGo Server A list of available FTP servers (not only Open Source and Java) can be found in these sites: FTP
It would be nice to have a complete comparison between all those available products because at the end you would only choose one product!